January 2018 Newsletter

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January 2018 Newsletter

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A monthly newsletter about acupuncture, natural health and well being.

Knowing others is intelligent
Knowing yourself is enlightened.

(Tzu chih che ming)

Thank you to all of my clients in 2017 for a wonderful year.  Wishing you health, peace and contentment in 2018.

Weight Loss:
It’s that time of year when many of us have over indulged and relaxed into the waist band of our clothes! Research suggests that acupuncture treatment alongside nutritional / dietary advice and exercise have better results than diet and exercise alone.

If you are looking for a way to kick start your weight loss, come and see me at the clinic and together we will work out a plan unique to you. In Chinese Medicine, different people gain weight for different reasons and together we will identify what your reasons are and how to address these through acupuncture, dietary changes and exercise.

Many people who gain weight develop a negative self image which contributes to the difficulties in becoming fit and healthy again.  If this is the case for you, through the careful selection of acupuncture points and through introducing some new techniques into your daily life,we will address ways to re build confidence and self esteem.

Grieving is a natural process following any form of loss or separation. It can be particularly challenging to carry grief at New Year when the pressure is felt to be ‘positive’ and ‘look forward’ to the future year ahead.

While there is no blueprint for how you should or shouldn’t feel when grieving, common symptoms include anger, depression, guilt, fear, hopelessness and sorrow.

In Chinese Medicine, the lungs are the organ associated with grief, which is the reason that grieving people often experience chest infections and coughs. Acupuncture points selected during periods of grief will often be related to the lungs to strengthen the organs that assists the mind and the body through the grieving process.

Acupuncture can bring about a clarity and self awareness that leads to positive decision making and self care during this challenging period.

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